ISHA PROTECTIONAL SECURITY GUARD PVT LTD provide continuous or periodical escort and protection of celebrities at premiers, concert tours, filming locations or other events, how to treat or counter problems, incidents, attacks. This type of guard is also known as unarmed security guard. An unarmed security guard is a person that is hired and paid to protect people and/or property.

    Once a person obtains their license they can then apply for unarmed security jobs within the state. Unarmed guards typically apply to a security company who then hires them out to respective businesses or people or locations. Other security guards work on a freelance basis, though, this is more difficult to achieve as an unarmed security guard. Unarmed guards act as a preliminary defense system, prior to police involvement.


    The hope in hiring security is to prevent the need for police involvement. Security Guards are a vital part of the safety of our country’s schools, hospitals, public places, businesses, etc. In order to work as a security guard most states require that a person obtains a security guard license (certificate or guard card). In order to obtain the required credentials, a person must meet the minimum state requirements and then undergo training, fingerprinting and background checks. This site has individual state pages that you can explore for further specifics on particular state requirements.