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A background check assists the person conducting it to scrutinize the commercial, criminal and sometimes financial records of an individual and ensures that the information provided by the individual is 100% accurate to safeguard your interest from any negative aspects including damage of reputation, loss of income and fraudulent activity.

This can include but is not limited to identity check, education check, employment history check, medical history, financial history, credit history check, criminal history check, education verification ,identity verification and other check to help employer ensure the genuineness of the individual. Background screening should be considered as an investment to mitigate the employee related risks and creating a safe work environment. Conducting background verification on your employees can also help in building the reputation of your organization.

Some of the reasons that make background check a must for an employee include:
Better hires = less employee turnover.
Uncovers the dishonest applicants.
Makes the case for zero probability of the hiring process going for a toss.
Weeds out employees with past history of violence or drug abuse.
Provides safe work environment to the employees hired.
Scrutinizes the criminal background of the potential employee so that only the ones with clean background are selected and kept for longer durations.