ISHA PROTECTIONAL SECURITY GUARD PVT. LTD is an indisputable and the magnificent detective agency in Bhopal, we offer detective and investigation services in Bhopal. Our services are spread across areas viz., personal, commercial, matrimonial, missing person, corporate investigation and debugging.

Our experienced private investigator handle a wide variety of services. Which range from internal employee issues such as theft, con schemes or other types of corruption, or external worries such as internet based fraud, electronic bugging, infidelity issues, extortion, or due diligence matters, family disputes, court cases, etc.


We cover almost all matters which revolve around private investigations. There are various detective agency in Bhopal, but we can confidentially state we are one of the best and most reliable. Our detective agency is highly organized, we provide legal proof and can find any information you want regarding your spouse, fiancé, business partner, malicious activity happening in the company, etc.

We offer all kind of personal and corporate detective service to solve your problem, such as; Pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, teenager monitoring, evidence collection, employee investigation, personal investigation, divorce case, loyalty test, extramarital affairs, litigation support, undercover operation and more.